"Matt’s performances are quite stunning. His acting is extensively thought out and very individualized both physically and emotionally. Matt is a very talented actor, who jumps right in, takes chances, and plays a diversity of roles and does them extremely well."

-Dr .David Young-
Former ACTF Director (American College Theater Festival)
Graduate Research Professor, University of Florida

"I was immediately impressed by Matthew--for his seriousness, his professionalism, his openness to collaboration, his inventiveness, his attention to detail and his strong sense of organic truth in his performance work.  He gives you no choice but to believe him.  Simply put, Matthew is the 'cream' of what we produce here at the University of Florida and I give him my highest endorsement as an actor."

-Tim Altmeyer-
Actor/Director (AEA/SAG-AFTRA)
Assistant Professor-Acting, University of Florida

"One of the most talented, reliable, honest, and hardest working theatre students I have had in my 20-plus years of teaching."

-Ken McCullough-
Professor and Director of Theatre at Florida State College

"Matt Mercurio is a very versatile performer, who plays a wide range of roles, and gives each one that 'Mercurio' energy that makes each of his performances stand out. It is a pleasure to watch Matt act."

-Dick Kerekes-
Florida Theatre Critic & Member of the American Theatre Critics Association

"Matt adds his own tone and style to everything we've done together and can simply be relied upon to be ready to work and get the job finished with energy and enthusiasm.  Give this guy a 'read' any time and you won't be disappointed."

-Mark Basse-
Producer & Founder of Basse New Media

"The best compliment I can give to an actor is that they're solid. That means dedicated, prepared, brings immense creativity to the process, and is consistent in performance. In other words, a joy to direct. And that's Matt."

-Dr. Charlie Mitchell-
Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of Florida

"Matt is the type of performer who brings depth, texture and a sense of ownership to each character. He delivers well thought out, quality performances every time and I find myself drawn into every scene. He is the type of actor every agent loves to represent. A true professional."

-Jacob Lawson- 
Owner & Agent at Privilege Talent Agency